Primary care access is a commonly cited issue in the US. Accordingly to a recent ZocDoc survey, 80% of Americans and more than 9 in 10 millennials delay or forgo preventative care due to inconvenience or inaccessibility. With most other industries surpassing healthcare providers in terms of price transparency, ease of process, and overall convenience, it’s clear why Americans are dropping out of healthcare unless absolutely necessary.

Our mission at Statum Health is to increase access to quality healthcare through easy and convenient solutions. We’ve built a simple web platform that makes it easy to schedule medical housecalls from our Board-certified Nurse Practitioners. We’ll bring the primary care to you, in-home or on-site at work! No wait times, no traveling, no hidden fees, no worries.


Statum Health CEO Monik Sheth

Monik Sheth, Co-Founder and CEO

Startup Operator. Most recently managed strategy and finance at Percolate, helped raise $64M from Sequoia Capital et al.

Statum Health COO Kunal Lodaya

Kunal Lodaya, Co-Founder and COO

Healthcare Strategist. Emergency Medicine doctor by training, graduated from Drexel's accelerated BS/MD program.

Statum Health Clinical Director Sophia Mulliner

Sophia Mulliner, Co-Founder and Clinical Director

Nurse Practitioner. MS in Nursing; Board Certified in Acute Care.

Statum Health Product Director Marni Duffy

Marni Duffy, Product Director

Design Thinker. UX researcher and design-focused developer with background in Physics and Machine Learning.